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Game Development

Project updates and other writing about my struggles making games.

Short Form Updates

RAPALA Dev Blog; Last Updated January 9, 2022

Kitty Lambda Freestarter - KLFS-01 - August 1, 20220

Long Form Posts

RAPALA 004: Arrows; February 13, 2023

RAPALA 003: Expanding; January 12, 2023

Venture the Void - Cancelled; August 19, 2021

Venture the Void - Data Work; May 6, 2021

RAPALA 002: Creating; August 20, 2020

Venture the Void - Shader Work; August 8 2020

Paradise Never Update III; August 3, 2020

Paradise Never Update II; April 29, 2019

RAPALA 001: Centering / Footing; February 25, 2019

Venture The Void, etc.; March 4, 2018

Paradise Never Update; May 13, 2017

Games Writing

I write about games that I play mainly to organize my thoughts as a game maker.

Game Design Essays

Ocarina Opening; September 24, 2020

Framing; April 16, 2017

On Conceptualizing; April 15, 2017

Meeting Variables; November 6, 2016

Ultima VI Decodexed; October 15, 2016

Game Journals

Rambo for NES; August 6, 2022

Morrowind Impressions I; April 8, 2021

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds; May 20, 2017

Street Fighter V; October 24, 2016

Gone Home; November 19, 2015 (major spoilers)

Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag; November 13, 2015

Persona 4: Dancing All Night; October 16, 2015


This contains scattered writing on other topics.

It can be satisfying to write long-form thoughts, and it is a useful way both to communicate ideas and organize/improve thinking on topics.

Calgary Rat Rag

My very own newspaper.

Editorial Rules

July 2020 Edition (in-progress)

June 2020 Edition

General Essays

Please take with a grain of salt. :)

Too Much The Online, Too Much The Much; November 12, 2016

Movie Journals

Not exactly movie reviews. There are some more in my blog archive but will require some digging.

Lord of the Rings; February 28 2018

Hail, Caesar; April 1, 2016

Blog Archive

Salvaged from my old website, this is my blog going back to my 2001 livejournal. I'm sorry.

I understand the risks.

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