KLFS 01 - 2020-08-01

Kitty Lambda Freestarter 01

This email list is so I can tell people what I'm working on. Thanks for joining, I'll keep it brief!

Paradise Never

I took the last two months and focused almost exclusively on Paradise Never. A general "clean up" pass, fixing a lot of things visually that have been bothering/distracting me, as well as fixing bugs.

Paradise Never is a long-term project for me that's been through (at least) two reboots and had its origins in Paradise Perfect Boat Rescue as well as an experimental "minecraft-clone" I started in (gulp) 2011.

I don't share too many details/screenshots at this point because it's a long ways still from being able to release and I'd like to generate stronger interest closer to when it's available. This might be a mistake but at least it's intentional :)


RAPALA is a co-operative creative roguelite; the goal is to create a light, easy experience where you build and visit player-built locations within a sprawling, abstract city. NO combat, the mechanics are instead focused on mysteries.

After taking a break for a couple months, I'm back onto a monthly release schedule. Each RAPALA update will come around the end of the month.

The update coming today has some changes I put in this week:

  • key repeat works for explore and edit mode
  • create catalogue doesn't show branches that are empty
  • started to add "tips" when you are facing an object

If you want to help test this please send an email to calvin@kittylambda.com and I will loop you in. You need itch.io.

Venture the Void

No movement on this for the past couple months, but this is still underway and I am back on monthly updates here. Expect someting around the 15th.


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