These are games I have for sale.

Venture the Void

  • Space exploration game
  • Some life regrets with this one
  • Very old
  • Re-released in 2019

Venture the Void on

The Real Texas

  • Action RPG released in 2012
  • Cellpop Goes Out At Night, a mini-sequel, released in 2017

Support Page/FAQ

Paradise Perfect Boat Rescue

  • Bite-sized boat game ca. 2013
  • Excellent boat physics

Originally planned as an experiment in episodic content, I soon burned out trying to keep to a 1-week update schedule.

Fun little game but it hasn't been updated since June 2013.

Together with another abandoned project, which I cannot even remember the name of, it gave birth to Paradise Never.

Needs re-release on itch:
- legacy forest

Small (Free) Games

Some of these are in Flash and will probably NOT work in most browsers anymore.

I have not abandoned them but there is no easy way to make them work.

I have a backlog of games to add here, too.

Demonic Farmer Gabo

  • Featuring a large demonic mongbat
  • Time and hunger management game
  • Made in 2010/11, released NYE 2014

PLAY in Browser (Flash)

WATCH on YouTube

Craemle Zone

  • Puzzle asteroids exploration shoot some
  • Lot of voice acting and music
  • Inspired by FANTASY ZONE
  • Made in 2012

PLAY in Browser (Flash)


EPILEPSY WARNING. Flashes a lot.

  • Small arcade game.
  • Smash buildings and get a score.
  • Procedural generated music and screens.
  • Made in Hong Kong in 2010

DOWNLOAD for Windows

More to come:
- Hunters of the Northwest Passage
- skyworm
- Legend of Elkanah
- bunnytown
- death and life
- major tom
- the alone sword
- waterwheel
- whales of aelia
- bees one
- floateye

Incomplete Games

Planned for here:
- bobsled
- space matriarchy one (asha's belt)
- diver after coral
- harrys questival
- hotel
- woe?
- twill?

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