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Q. The Game Crashes/GFX Glitch Out. How fix? What do?
  • Sorry sorry. It's not too common, so you are a bit unlucky. :(
  • Try clicking "disable shadows" when the game first starts (that OSey box "tweaks" tab.)
  • Try to check if you can update your drivers. Especially some older Radeons are troublesome.
  • Groan!! Previous line is typical programmer excuse, but it does work sometimes.
  • Game only needs OpenGL 1.2 to run. Even feral marmots have that. Your computer is probably OK.

Q. Linux Version Willn't Run!
  • Don't fear; library requirements are not huge or esoteric. Much is static-linked for your convenience.
  • Main trick is, it's 32 bit app. I bet you are using 64-bit OS like a modern human should be.
  • One day I will make 64 bit native Linux package, until then though you still have a way.
  • It will vary by distro what you have to do. In general, you need 32-bit compatibility libraries.
  • Your Linux probably has these, because there are other silly 32-bit apps that people like to run :)
  • One user sent this magic spell:
  •     I worked it out.  The solution for Ubuntu 13.10 is as follows:
        add this to sources list
        deb main restricted universe multiverse
        in the terminal
        sudo apt-get update
        sudo apt-get install ia32-libs
        this installs the 32 bit libraries
        sudo dpkg -i --force-architecture therealtexas_1.3-1_i386.deb
  • A webpage for Linux Mint that might help is here:
  • I actually use 32-bit Ubuntu as my main development machine (as of 2014-09-20). I don't know why I don't use 64-bit. But the Linux version is in a way the main version of the game. I made it 32-bit originally since that way both 64-bit and 32-bit versions of Linux could run it.

Q. Linux Version Willn't Run, And The Above Doesn't Work
  • "Multi-arch" may be the solution:
  • I am currently getting some help from a user and when I have proper instructions I'll update this page! Sorry :)

Q. I Found A Game Bug / I Think I Broke Something!
  • You can check the Game Tips page, which does not contain any game tips but might have minor spoilers.

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