The Real Texas - Game Tips

In case you get stuck in the game, try searching the forums.

This page has minor spoilers in case you think you have broken something in the game.

* * *

Q. I Deadlocked The Garbadge Mine!
  • Nope :)
  • If you still think you found a bug, you can send me your savegame and I'll load it up and check.
  • This goes for any bug you think you found. I'll reply, "not a bug" but I won't tell you what to do :)

Q. I Died In The Garbadge Mine And Can't Get {Required Item} Back! Well I Can But It's Annoying!
  • This space intentionally left blank.

Q. A Bug Caused My Bank Card To Disappear!
  • :)

Q. I Can't Pick Up {Specific Optional Rare Late-Game Item}
  • This one really is a bug.
  • Send me your save and I will fix it for you.
  • Next game version will fix this.

Q. Stuck On {Thing} {Place} {Boss}. Please Tell Me A Game Tip!
  • I don't give game tips to my own games. Not being a jerk-- it's a code of honour.
  • If I give game tips, it might make me lazy in designing puzzles.
  • I *DO* patch games after release to aleviate problem areas. This is the right thing for me to do, not lazily hand out tips or sell $50 tip e-books.
  • A tip may spoil the surprise of discovery, which is the best gift I can give you :)
  • I'll always check your savegame to see if you are legitimately stuck, though. But by now bugs are rare.
  • But do search/ask on the forums:
  • Small disclaimer as of the time of writing I had to disable forum registration due to spam. Email me and I'll add you an account.

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