RAPALA is going to be a cooperative, creative roguelite.

This is sort of a placeholder page.

The game is in a very early stage right now, if you'd like to join the alpha testing please sign up for the email list and message me on Mastodon.

Release/Update Notes

This is a mirror of release notes on itch.io, so they can be read by anyone even if they don't have access to see the project.

Release / Update Notes (Ongoing); Last Updated February 11, 2023

Dev Blog

These are longer form blog posts, mainly meant for myself to help in decision making as I tend to jump too quickly.

RAPALA 004: Arrows; February 13, 2023

RAPALA 003: Expanding; January 12, 2023

RAPALA 002: Creating; August 20, 2020

RAPALA 001: Centering / Footing; February 25, 2019

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