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Releasing Soon, A Broken And Strange Thing: Venture The Void

I've got a new dev blog post up that covers it (and other things) in slightly more detail, but the basic thing is I'm going to push out my 2003 life-disaster Venture The Void onto as a WIP or early access game.

It's a space game, with a lot of the same aims as No Man's Sky, but also sort of a text adventure? It's pretty weird, pretty broken, but also kind of amusing and cool.

Right now it looks like this:

Once the (buggy, partly garbadge) release is done, I'll pick away at it from time to time and see how that goes. For a long time I sort of actively hated what this game was to me, but 10+ years removed from it I feel a certain affection for what it was trying to be.

Today, I guess I see it as a kind of platform to experiment with.

This was a game I made a huge amount of sacrifices for, which I came to regret. But I feel a lot differently about it now than I did in 2003, and I'm feeling much less pressure creatively now that I have a full time (non game-related) job, so what they hey :P

You can read more about it, and other stuff, here:

Venture The Void, etc.; March 4, 2018

Alright, back at it :)

- Calvin

March 4, 2018


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