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Venture the Void on

I did it-- Venture the Void is on

It's five dollars, it's a space adventure. I'm happy with where it's at.

Get it on

Some tutorial videos for you:

001 - Getting Started

002 - Flying Around Planets


Kitty Lambda is (right now) Calvin French, who makes games part time. I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Currently working on Paradise Never

This website is a mix of official Kitty Lambda releases sold for money, free games you can play (please do... and tell me about it!), as well as a collection of other things I make like writing or photos.

Being a real live human being, as it turns out, that's enough! I'm not what I make or what I do. That's why it's not "Calvin French Corp." I hope that makes sense. Kitty Lambda is a thing I made, wherein I release other things I make.

In the future I would love for it to be a studio with enough resources that I could work with other people full time. One day!

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For your reference, today you will have: good luck.