In 2015 I started journaling some observations in games I play, and in movies I watch. In 2016 I'm extending this more generally to whatever topics I want to write about.

This writing is mostly done as a way to organize my thoughts; with the game design journals it's to help become a better game designer. With some of the other writing it's just to put some ideas down that (in particular) the impermanence, noiseyness and briefness of twitter makes a frustrating platform for.

The games ones usually won't make sense unless you have played the game in question, and will in general have spoilers.

If you enjoy any of this, please email me or better yet tweet me @psysal as I'd love to know your thoughts.

Game Dev Blog Posts

Paradise Never Update II; April 29, 2019

RAPALA 001: Centering / Footing; February 25, 2019

Venture The Void, etc.; March 4, 2018

Paradise Never Update; May 13, 2017

Game Design Essays

Framing; April 16, 2017

On Conceptualizing; April 15, 2017

Meeting Variables; November 6, 2016

Ultima VI Decodexed; October 15, 2016

Game Design Resources

Game Design Answers (From Twitter); June 22, 2017

Game Journals

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds; May 20, 2017

Street Fighter V; October 24, 2016

Gone Home; November 19, 2015 (major spoilers)

Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag; November 13, 2015

Persona 4: Dancing All Night; October 16, 2015

Movie Journals

Lord of the Rings; February 28 2018

Hail, Caesar; April 1, 2016

Code Snippets

CLERP (circular linear interpolation), aka LERP on U(1)

Blog Archive

Salvaged from my old website, this is my blog going back to my 2001 livejournal. I'm sorry.

I understand the risks.


Random stories and thoughts. Most recent at top.

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