Towerfall FanComputation

I'm super excited for Matt Thorson's new game, Towerfall

Here is some FanComputation of it:

A mirror. A fat archer guy. Some arrows, really they are icons.

Explanation: this weekend I took a break from the boat game (briefly-- back at it full tilt tommorow) to do a bit of work on an algorithm I've had kicking around in my brain for awhile. So to make a long story short this is a (mostly) automated "upscale" of the pixel art in the game.

I had to use the old character art which I think is cute (but not as awesome as the new stuff of course) because I needed Clean Pixels. Here is the source files, these are taken from screenshots on the Towerfall tumblr site, A Musty Tome:

This algorithm is a key technology here at Kitty Lambda where we strive to differentiate how our games look.


But not as cool as Towerfall's gonna be. ;-)

Extras: Towerfall Animated Christmas Wrapping Paper Better to not click.


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