Texas is Bundled on Indie Royale

the fleur de lis with the words INDIE ROYALE written on it; a speech bubble comes off it saying, I'm a Symbol of French Royalty, and it is drawn as if it's on a school chalkboard >>> Get The Spring Sun Bundle <<<

The Real Texas is part of Indie Royale's Spring Sun Bundle. It's (more or less) a PWYW bundle, so get in there and PWYW!

(PWYW == pay what you want; Indie Royale has about a $5 minimum though.)

What's In It?

Other games included are explorathon Knytt Underground, multiplayer tower defence arena (I think) Monday Night Combat (NOT the super variety; allegedly this one is different enough from SMNC that you might just want both), excellent Japanese indie R-type-alike SATAZIUS (this is a true gem!), and an experimental 100% auto-generated metroid-prime-inspired game called Gentrieve 2.

Check 'em Out on TWITCH

I'm streaming them this week on my Twitch.tv channel. (along with some other games.)


Please check it out, it's a great little bundle and well worth the suggested $15 (but please DO feel free to grab it for $5-ish which is the usual minimum)


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