Cowboy Haiku Contest (CONTEST CLOSED)

The magic wand is also called the HV-250R. Why has nobody googled this yet?


Today being March 6, 2013. I'm not sure when the sun rises and sets in GOG-land, but why take your chances:

>>>Get it now: just $5.99 on<<<

It's being promoted as an Indie Gem. I agree with this classification, because I am really very proud of it and also don't much like false modesty (though I try to be modest in a genuine way.) - if you're curious

A New Review Has Appeared!

Here is what the latest review had to say about The Real Texas:

"A strange and effortlessly charming game that rewards those who take the time to parse its various idiosyncrasies." - PC Powerplay Magazine (70/100)

Pretty nice! This is a print magazine but I found this via Metacritic today!

Cowboy Haiku Contest (CONTEST CLOSED)

CONTEST IS CLOSED! Thank you for entering :) (See below for more info)

My friend on Twitter (and on Steam) @seorin has generously donated (!) some GOG codes for me to give away. Why? I think because he loves you!!! So I thought, I'll grab some codes too and let's run a Cowboy Haiku Contest. Send me your best Cowboy Haiku via twitter (I'm @PsySal) and I'll RT and collect them here. If you want, you can also put them in the comments below, but if you do that make sure to ALSO send me an email so I can send you a free copy of the game. The best entries (maybe all of them) will get a copy on GOG!

Haikus For You

I had a ton of submissions! I can only give away a limited number of codes on GOG so I'm going to pick my 5 favorite and those will get a GOG code. But I will also send a Desura key to everybody who entered!

If you've already got the game, just send your code along to somebody you love!


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