Visual Boat Studio 2013

Making a level editor. My idea is it's a button that launches your OS's text editor, plus some error parsing.

Kind of lame I know but it's a start-- and there is so much other stuff to do for this game to get it ready for release, such as a complete web back-end for uploading levels.

So without further ado I present you Visual Boat Studio 2013:

This is a screenshot of an excel-like grid which humorously says erorr instead of error, i.e., misspelled; there is some terminal-like text in the background

The thing with text is that text is so incredibly flexible.

UPDATE: Cat Programming

Picture of a button, the button has a lot of dots after the word Test. It's hilighted and text around it says, My cat programmed part of this button. Can you tell what part?

I know what you're thinking, you're thinking surely I closed the quotation or something but no, my cat just sat for a second on my computer and I noticed that code complete had finished off the quote. So I compiled it and voila. This is some actual programming by my cat, compiled first try too.

I use a tablet with my other computer and have "compile and run" mapped to one of the buttons, the other day my cat was walking across my lap and stepped on the compile button. I can't remember if my code compiled that time but one day these two events will occur at once and at that point I'm going to have to admit my cat really does have some creative agency.



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