Paradise Perfect Boat Rescue - COMING SOON (really!)

Development screenshot from a game, it shows a blocky green person character laying in some water. This is a bug but seems kind of cool.

Alright! I've got too many unreleased games laying around. Today I dust off Paradise Perfect Boat Rescue. I will release it in one form or another. Details forthcoming!


You are HERO and you have a PINK SAMPAN that is nine flavours of AWESOME.

Paradise Perfect Boat Rescue is a boat rescue game. Pilot your sampan from island to island rescuing the inhabitants.

No... really. What?

This is a game I made in a certain... frenzy back in 2010. To make a long story short, I didn't release it properly because:

  • I didn't do playtesting close to development.
  • When I did do playtesting a few months later, there were some things I didn't like. Chiefly, the boat physics didn't work well if you didn't understand how they already worked (they are counterintuitive, and not in a good way.
  • However, at that point I didn't want to dig it up and jump in as I felt I was done with it for the time being.
  • So I shelved it for over two years.
  • I keep thinking about it. Today I dug it up and, y'know, it's really pretty good! I'll be fixing the boat physics and adding some more levels.

So! Nothing else to report, but I am making this post as a kind of commitment to release it. HERO has sat on a shelf long enough, time for him to fuel up the SAMPAN and... yeah-ok whatever back to work for me :)


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