The Real Texas OST Released - NOW 40% off ON GOG, GamersGate, Desura

First look at this fancy boxart I made:

Grab the game 40% off here:

A button to buy on A button to buy on A button to buy on

Do you like music? GOOD NEWS THE OST IS OUT-- and it's free!

Cover art for the soundtrack; it says 'notes from purgatory - music by yesso - the real texas original sound track'

Super excited to see Texas up on so many great sites, and it's equally awesome to finally get the OST released.

One last reminder, if you'd like to see the game on Steam, check out the Greenlight page:

A green button that says 'Steam Greenlight - VOTE ME!'

Thanks everybody! Since releasing the game I've had so much in the way of positive vibes filter back to me from players and have also been able to quit my job to work on games full time. Which I have been doing. Nothing to announce yet but that's misleading-- there is a lot coming!


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