This image is some text that says GAME OVER in a shiny metallic style Four years in the making, The Real Texas is now finished.


You are probably thinking to yourself, "really?"

I think so. There are still going to be little bits and pieces missing that I'm about to discover while playing it through, and there are always little bits and pieces that I COULD add, but we now have a game.

So much love went into this, I really hope that you will dig the final result.

If you sometimes think, "I wish there was a game that took the awesome parts of Zelda and the awesome parts of Ultima and mashed them together in a unique way", well now there is.

Bear With Me!

So, to recap, I can't release it until:

  • I beta test the hell out of it to make sure people are grokking the flow, and that everything works as expected (the latter part is more certain than you might think.)
  • I find a publisher.
  • The world wants it (this relates to the above.)

I'll have a blog post upcoming that tells a little story of what it was like making this game.


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