New Release - Eldritch OST

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Here is music originally created in 2005 for an unreleased game, Eldritch. This was to be in the vein of the Wizardry series of games.

This is true video game music, lovely, melodic, and harmonically eclectic.


So, we've all worked on game projects that have failed to see the light of day. This project was a game made by my friend, xNichG, a really talented physics PhD who has also helped me immeasurably with understanding how to code certain physics in games (he also did some explosion animations for Venture the Void, by using a fluid sim that he hand coded... awesome!)

The game itself was pretty far along, not really close to being "complete" but certainly a game (I actually think I still have a copy somewhere in my Dark Linux Archives.) It played like (I gather) the Wizardry series of games: a first-person view with fixed rotation points (i.e., you can only ever face the compass directions) and turn based, strategic combat. Talking about it now makes me a bit sad that it was never released!

At any rate, I did several tunes for it, and while this is by no means a full OST I'm really unusually happy with them, all around. They were all made in 2005 using an Impulse Tracker clone, called CheeseTracker, by my friend reduz, who is now finishing up a unity-rivaling game engine (wow).

My Friend's (Unnamed?) Game Engine in Action-- Pure Awesome

And this, my friends, is a rambling front page post. As such, it deserves some YouTube. Here is reduz' game engine, quite awesome:


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