The Human Touch

Picture of a heart and a box beside it says NO LOVE FOR LOCRABOR.

There is a common idea with artistic development that you will go through a period of experimentation and immitation, finally settling into a style of your own.

I'm not going to pretend that I have settled into my own "style" but certainly my technique has become fairly standard. It's just based on what appeals to me:

The Human Touch.


Tartan Blanket

Right now, I'm going through The Real Texas and basically leaving nothing unfixed or unimplemented. Some items or textures were drawn very hastily, or very early on in the project. I've developed since, and so I am reworking and redrawing things.

Luckily, when it comes to 3D models, I made everything a square, and so very little (if anything) needs to be re-modeled (there are a few trees and other objects that have been fleshed out, though.)

Just now I took this tartan texture, and redrew it. Some people might find it less refined, but that's OK! It's one of those times you have to just say as a designer, "I'm right about this one, sorry!"

A tartan pattern drawn with straight edged lines   Very similar tartan pattern but drawn by hand without the straight line tool

In-Game Tartan Blanket

Here is what it looks like in-game.

Small screenshots showing a bed with the old and new tartan texture.

Overall Progress and the IGF

Things are coming together really well. I won't waste time talking about it, this phase in game development is about millions of things like the above tartan texture redraw. I am pretty confident that Texas is going to amaze and amuse people.

I entered Texas into IGF and it wasn't selected. I won't lie, I was very disappointed even though all the nominated games were amazing. Truthfully the biggest benefit to being nominated would have been personal validation! Well, not even personal validation, but maybe something nice to tell family members who have supported me (and keep supporting me.) I am lucky to have people that support me! Not just people in my life, but also other game devs, and people who send me encouraging words online! Thank you!


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