Ah Summer, Where Have Ye Gone?

A really bad joke that has pyramids and the sun from SMB3 World 2 and says At Least Its Still Warm in World 2...

No insights lately, sorry!

But here is what I'm up to:

Texas Submitted to the IGF

I think the IGF is a fabulous event. There is a certain noise surrounding whether the judging is fair, whether "indie" is really indie, and so on but overall if I look at the winners and nominees from last year I think it's pretty reasonable. People can never feel satisfied with judging, this is simply normal.

I am glad to be part of it. The field looks very, very good this year so it will be interesting to see what cream rises to the top. Here's hoping! If Texas doesn't really get noticed I won't be too surprised because there are many other fantastic games. Still, I can't help but feel proud of what I hav emade.

The trailer above was posted on The IndieGames.com Blog which is exciting for me.

Texas Is Almost Done

Picture showing the state of Texas filled up to 98 percent, and made to look like a ballot. Another bad joke.

Since the big push for the IGF, I haven't felt much like working on The Real Texas. Life has been busy in other (fun) ways. Doubtless that will soon change, and I feel like one more big push will get 'er through to the end.

Then I will do user testing like mad to find out where people are getting stuck. I also scored an older Mac Mini that I will use for the Mac port. I'm of course not sure exactly if the HW will handle it properly but it should at least let me build and see that it runs.

Game Dev Advice

When you don't feel inspired to work on your "Project A", relax!! Don't force it, take a break, and make something else, instead!

So I took my own advice and made 2 things! Wow!


Screenshot showing the game GUN, with retro APPLE 2E graphics kind of

I don't really have anything playable for you on this, but I finished a game for the WINNITRON 1000 which is an indie arcade machine in Winnipeg.

The game is very complete, missing only a hi-score table and hopefully some real playtesting feedback (I shouldn't put in hi-scores until the playtesting issues have been worked out.)

The game is a 2-person game where you shoot robots to rescue your dog. Some (hopefully) lovely surprises and many types of enemies, this was designed right from the start to play on the WINNITRON and that's why there is no play in your web browser version (yet) -- I'll need to adapt it somehow.


Picture of the Lorenz attractor spirals and the word Lorenz like an artist signature

Another little game/toy here.

This one is sort of a foray into Chaos Theory.

dx/dt = \sigma (y - x)

dy/dt = x (\rho - z) - y

dz/dt = x y - \beta z

Thank you, Mr. Lorenz!! You didn't fix the weather, but that's A-OK because you gave us some cool ideas! =)


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