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LTTP Dark World Dungeons 1, 2, 3

I'm continuing my playthrough Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past.

I think that Dungeon 1, "The Palace of Darkness" is the most interesting and polished of the three, sort of a gem. I think it might be bigger, as well. It's a nice mix of interesting linear sequences and choices you need to make.

Dungeon 2 and 3 feel a bit short by comparison. Dungeon 2, the water one, has a few interesting tricks where they take advantage of the fact that they know which direction you are likely to head, and design it so that it's the wrong direction. Dungeon 3 has just a few tricky puzzles in it, but doesn't feel very large overall. The leadup to the final boss (Big Moth) is nice.

This game is a lot more fun when you try to use the bow and arrow almost exclusively.

Millions... of tiny... bugs

Finishing a game is about millions of tiny things. It truly, truly is.

Onward I slog. There are some crucial things that still need to be in place before I get beta (alpha) testers. If you want to be a tester, please post on this blog, or email me

Thank you!


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