First section: done?

Could it be that the introductory section of the game is done?

I think it could be.

Well there are a few pieces missing. I need a bit of an introduction story, explaining how you got to the Castle. Um. I need an animation when you first fall into the alternate reality universe.

And I need to put a room in the alternate reality that explains you've reached the end of the beta test. Wow.

What excites me the most about this is that I can start sketching out and implementing the "meaty" part of the game. I've learned so much about doing this, and once I get started I will have a good idea of how long until the final game is done.

Trade Show

In other news, I'm going to be at a trade show. This is my first trade show and I'm really excited. It's for small business week in Calgary, and held at the downtown public library.

I'm going to set up the booth with a small Kitty Lambda sign, business cards, an information sheet, and the playable game.

There are supposed to be about 500 people come through, and I will try and get them to play Texas. I'll be sure to relish this opportunity to watch people play the game.

More Promo Videos Coming

Today I'm compiling the windows version on my new rig, which is necessary for me to make videos sensibly. I'm also going to try and capture sound this time.

Because of how replays are synchronized, I think I can just do a replay once and dump the video, then do the replay again and capture the sound, using some kind of sound capture driver. Should be interesting!

This video will be more like an official promo video.


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