Flow is fixed

I've fixed most of the flow issues-- or so I think! Having written some short stories was very helpful. I boiled down the dialogue to it's bare essentials, and removed about half of the NPCs (a bold move, don't you think?) A side effect of not using some of the NPCs is that I get to fill the wardrobes of the castle with their now-unused clothing, which is a nice bonus!)

Music is magic!

In game development you slog and slog and slog away. You try to stay on-track yourself, and above all things keep the game focused. But sometimes things start to crystallize for you. When they do, it's truly magical. Today was like that.

I have to be the luckiest game dev of all, in that I know a lot of musicians who are happy to let me pilfer their music for my games. For VtV I used the music of Lapine and it really completed the game.

For Texas, I'm using the music of my friend Yesso and today having put the first of the music in place I can only say: hoorj!

Here is the title screen music:

A Sad Cowboy's Song

More Playtesting

I am going to have Yesso playtest a new build later this week. I hope he can feel it's a bit magical with his music in place, too.

I think I need to get somebody (or somebodies) playing a new demo every 2 weeks or so. I'm *THIS* close to starting into the second, main part of the game. Ah me!

I will try to put out another video this week, too. Hopefully I can find some way of capturing the audio with it, I don't want to write custom audio exporters but I probably don't have to, either.


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