At last.. IT IS TIME TO DIE!

Games are funny. Or at least it's funny how my game development tends to go. I tend to get some core mechanics in very, very late. In fact, usually I get death itself in very late. Hmn.

Anyhow, I need to implement dying, since I've now got a slime burning status effect. This is what happens if you pick up something that is slimy or maybe if you step in slime, I don't know.

If you stay slimed for too long, you'll die from sliminess. I don't know exactly what causes the death but it's sort of an acid-burn type thing.

Death Mode

This leads me to my next observation. I need a separate play mode for death. A play mode is basically a very broad level control. Title screen is a play mode. Explore is a play mode. That's about it. Everything in the game takes place in "explore" mode, which shows the map, lets you walk around, etc. etc.

Title shows the title screen and helps you with menu options.

Death shows your death screen. I could maybe re-use title playmode for it but, somehow I don't want to. I'm not sure why.

Rather than call it, Death, however, I decided I would like it to be more generic. So I'm calling it "story" playmode. I will structure it more around telling a story with text and pictures than navigating a menu and saving/loading games.

Other than that, I'm not sure yet. First iteration I guess will just show some text about your death.


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