Chiang Mai

Well, we've arrived in Chiang Mai, Thailand. So far, so good: this is an incredible city. Bangkok is the city of many tuk-tuk drivers and (unfortunately) many scammers. Chiang Mai is beautiful. Fortunately we were in Bangkok for only 3 days and we are in Chiang Mai for maybe as long as 7 weeks.

People here know how to cook. Anything. All food here is good. Incredible, actually. Michelle and I tried, but could not really like Hong Kong food (with a few exceptions; Chinese desserts are really fun, if a bit odd). But I don't think we've had bad food since we got to Thailand. Even the airplane food was good.

In Bangkok we saw the new Star Trek movie at a mall called MBK, which is a big shopping mall the kids like to hang out at. It was a wonderful experience! People in Thailand know how to have a lot of fun, and as a tourist if you can somehow avoid some of the traps it's a great experience all-around.

Now I'm set up and going to dive back into Texas a bit this AM. We'll see where I get!


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