Back in the Saddle, Yaa hoo!

So today is the first day working on The Real Texas since Ludum Dare 48H. Truth is, it drained my creativity a bit but also allowed my paid job to pile up (and I had a ton of work to do there), so I got a bit swamped between the paid job and doing touristy things in Hong Kong.

HK is really fun, and you should go here. The best part of Hong Kong is getting around, it's so easy! Buses go everywhere and are very affordable. It can be confusing and scary but it's effective. Anyhow.

I've mostly finished moving the sound engine over to C++. Still to do:

- Implement soundable_union

- Finish implementing soundable_sway

I think this might be the fifth or sixth time in some fashion or another that I've coded the sway engine.

Moving the soundable engine to C++ really actually did make sense; I guess it's just something that should be in C++. Should give me really nice framerate gains (unless the profiler was lying, which I don't think).

Premature Optimization? A great question. In some sense, you might imagine creating an entire game and only then doing your optimization. But I find in practice what works better is to optimize in cycles; otherwise your game may not "feel" right as you are developing it. Sounds kind of weak but, I generally develop until the framerate seems stuttery, and the optimize until I get rid of whatever issues have cropped up.



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