Hong Konging it With Windows Vista

Hey everybody!

I'm in Hong Kong now, in Sai Kung district. Staying with some friends here, what an amazing place. This is the greatest city I've ever seen, and I've seen 4 or 5 cities! Even if I see more, however, I have a hunch this will stay as the greatest. It's a wonderland.

Anyhow, while I'm here I'm working on my wife's laptop. So naturally, I've loaded the poor beast up with about a zillion different developer applications and indie games and have just yesterday set to getting Texas to compile on Vista.

Hooray for Mingw32, I have it working. There are a few issues, but they seem to be graphics-card related (It's Intel 945G, which is the same card that Venture the Void never seemed to want to run on.) This is a great opportunity for me to increase the compatability of Texas and also maybe make it run a bit faster.

My plan is to keep working while in HK, both on Texas and also my real paying job. This vacation will last 3 months, 1 month here and 2 in Thailand. Here is a picture I took of the village where we are staying:


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