UI Simplification, Cool IDE Idea

I've worked to simplify the UI a little bit, purely visually. The UI design is based around wooden fence-boards, which fits the theme and looks good with the rest of the graphics. However it was built around two types of fence boards; a base one and a "frame" one:The border isn't neccesary; on smaller windows, it starts to clutter. As well, it's close in color to buttons and so creates a bit of confusion as to where your clickables are. Here is the new one:The other change (not shown) is to put a painted red stripe along the top, which is basically like a windows titlebar and makes sense. I've also simplified this area, for instance the above used to have two titles printed on it: one for the left and one for the right panels. Now there is just one title.***Okay here is my cool, completely unrelated idea!You have a timer, of some kind, running in the background as an Eclipse or other IDE plugin. It detects "downtime" somehow, or better yet counts it separately. I.e., if you sit on a window for more than five minutes and then work on something else, it doesn't count that five minutes. Or something like this.But while you're working, it keeps track of how much time you've spent on that file.This way, you could review at any time where you are spending your time! Sort of like, to get an idea of how expensive your different sections of code are!Just an idea =)


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