New Enemies

So I've been really doing a great job coding up enemies, and plan to just keep on doing this until I absolutely run out of ideas. I am almost done the salamander, which is a fun little critter, and I just thought of where I want to head next: a floateye.

I made this game a long time ago, called Floateye, which was really fun. Anyhow my idea is to have these giant floating eyes with tendrils coming off them (I can reuse my tentacle code) that they shoot at you. The shots don't do anything other than push you back/impede your movement. However they might not quite be killable. Here's my idea:

- they float around, with "dumb" pathfinding, chasing after anything in particular (not just the player, but even other floateyes; whatever comes close)

- they shoot something, launching a barrage of tentacle-shots at the target, each of which moves the target back a little bit.

- when they run out of tentacle shots, they sort of float around peacefully.

- every so often they decide if they want to attack something nearby; this will happen if T seconds have elapsed since the last decision, and if something is close. the more tentacles they have grown, the more likely they will attack.

- the drone itself will handle the modeling of tentacles, so that the eye can animate smoothly (this is a technical note I guess)

- you can kill them with enough ammo, maybe they turn into rocks though when you do which impede your path?


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