New Enemy Ideas

I have a few ideas for new enemies, which lurk in the caves:

- A "gel" enemy that is like the slimes in U6. This enemy sort of spreads amorphously around, slowly creeping across the ground. It would be neat and jelly-like, maybe spitting acid at you unexpectedly.

- A cave pirate. The idea here is that a sword would fly in from off-screen and make a thungggg-ggg-gg-gg... sound, then the pirate would swing in dramatically on a rope and begin swashbuckling with you.

- A grabber plant. This would your basic, see a spot appear on the ground, move away from it because something is gonna grab you from there sort of enemy.

- A rat, and/or a snake. Actually the snake could be called "niblet" and it would be like nibbles.bas (i.e., worm) and crawl around eating numbers and growing, that would pretty awesome.

Here is a site with more ideas for me:

- I like the idea of salamanders, even just as scenery. Even raccoons could be fun, they could run up, swipe something from you, and run off again.

- Eyeless shrimp, and blind crayfish could work well in the damp underwater lake section. Everybody loves marine life. I can't imagine any really interesting patterns for these, though.

- A lake tentacle would be a nice addition, it would rise up out of the lake and smash you down.


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