Awesomest Sound Effects Ever

The "combat" side of gameplay in Texas is much more tactical than for instance Zelda. You don't so much have HP and collect hearts as you slog through many enemies. Instead you have to try and maneuver through tricky situations. One nice offset of this is that I can get a little bit hilarious with the enemy AI. So for instance, a bear doesn't just sort of half-assedly nip and you. Oh no. It roars, and when it roars, you shiver, and can't move. Then it jumps on you, and proceeds to maul you, blood spattering everywhere. It's completely hilarious!

And bats, well, the bats are so funny I am not even going to describe them.

The icing on the cake though, is the sound effects. I've discovered there is nothing so amusing as a pleasant "chomp" sound effect to coordinate with an animal biting your avatar. There is something inherently funny and a bit visceral (in a good way) about getting bitten by an animal!


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