Yarks! Donjon.

The overworld is very, very nicely made. I'm really happy with it, it's full of interesting details and only a few screens remain to put detail on. After that, it's all extra details (still a lot of those) that needs adding.

I am now creating the... underworld! ``Oh yarks, Zelda copy!'', you groan. The idea is not too try too hard to branch from the standard RPG experience (which usually involves an overworld and dungeons) since I'm already getting rid of all combat: a large deviation in and of itself. So it provides a familiar frame of reference, and means I'm not constantly trying to be "too" original.

The other reason for having an underworld is the dichotomy principle, which I am trying to use to develop gameplay. The idea is that you develop gameplay out of opposing elements; underworld/overworld in this case.

So anyhow, I've got it planned out, and now I'm excavating!

The UnderworldThe Overworld


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