All NPCs are in!

So all the NPCs are in, and their houses are reasonably decorated. The one exception is Wyburn the mechanic, who I did first, and so who will need to be redone. The NPCs have quite a cool little system for their schedule, so that they all go around and seem to have a daily routine. Really cool!

I *really* got on a roll with decorating the houses, added TONs of new items. The autogen system is sort of hitting critical mass, where I can add in new items super easily. This is awesome and already there is good variety.

So right now:

- Fix Wyburn, decorate the mechanic shop

- Fix lighting; things are too bright. My idea is that during the day, most of the light should be ambient, but at night, it should be more directional. Right now, there is a large directional and ambient component, so it's wayyyy too bright during the day and everything looks a bit washed-out.

- Maybe add some animals? I am going to copy the basic animation technique that I used for sheep, from Legacy Forest. This is a hilarious way to animate 4-legged mammals. Really awesome!


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