The MONDAY Blahs

Today I had the monday blahs. That's when, instead of getting a great, whip-cracking start to my week, I screw up my alarm setting (grah) for instance setting PM instead of AM, or not turning it to alarm mode as I did last night. Sigh. So I didn't start work until like 10:30, and then without much zest. CRAP!

What I am implementing now is to get a slightly more detailed system for NPC actions. In particular, I'd like to be able to get them to lay on beds at night, and possibly sit on chairs during the day. This probably isn't too hard, in fact I have it mostly figured out now and am implementing it.

Other things for today? Maybe start to think more about the save system, and/or put the basic day/night schedules for NPCs together. It will be fun choosing the main places for people to hang out, and then putting it all in WHUP and seeing the world come to life, if only a little bit. Man, this game is progressing great!


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