Google DOCS

Wot is Google DOCs, you ask? It's the PHds who invent crazy things on Google like Google Molecular Modeler or whatever they are going to bring out next?

NOPE! It's one of those things, themselves. It's basically MS-WORKS (hahahahhahaha) but on Google. So you can have your docs online. What a great tool for game development. Now, I keep my development docs online. If I have an idea, I can quickly pop open google docs and post it there, doesn't matter where I am at as long as I have internet access.

That's what I've been doing. It's a great organizational tool, I really like it. I suppose if I had a proper PDA I could use that, too. But the PDA would be less reliable than google docs, anyways, so why not just use google docs via the PDA? Hmn.

You know, the DOS version of MS-WORKS in text mode on hercules 80x25 really ruled.


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