VtV 1.1

Not strictly a dev blog entry. But Venture the Void 1.1 is rolling out, has some nice updates to it. But man, is it frustrating putting out a major release like this. This one is particularly bad since it requires new server version, new software, as well as new world files. Whew! That's a lot.

So I spent all day testing it, released it, and it didn't work! Grah! I think I have it fixed now, but we'll see. I had to rollback to version 1.0.1, since having a broken version up gives me the heebie jeebies.

Then, I have to update some websites with it. It's really a huge amount of work, which will take up most of tommorow as well, but I hope it's worth it! Ok I just had to rant =)


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