Lately I haven't worked as much on LUI because of life things. Mainly, I've had some bicycles to fix, this requires a certain amount of work on my part and has to take priority since I'm heavily dependant on them. As well, I've had to fix some things with VtV (which I've seen some success with, thanks to a great review at gametunnel.com). I need to buy some advertising for VtV, since a lot of people who play the game seem to enjoy it. I guess I will buy some google adwords to begin with.

However, I have overall been making great progress fleshing out the town, still I am laying out houses. I designed a huge barn, very complex, and then realized I wanted it facing the opposite way. So I'm implementing a "flip architecture" special effect to the editor. Anyhow, that's what I was working on last Friday which was the last time I had to work on LUI.

So no particular list today, I've got other stuff to do!


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