Houses, houses, houses!

The sod houses look pretty good! I even put some grass on them, that particular effect worked out better even than I expected. Right now, I've laid out where most of the buildings go in happy town. I need to finish laying out the houses, and then start designing some of them. The houses themselves are fairly time consuming, but also fun to make. The whole system for buildings is really working nicely for me.

I feel a bit like the guy who is making zelda challenge 3: quest for calatia (link here) in that designing the houses in the town turns out to be a lot of work. But it's fun!

- Design more houses

- A bed

- Sort out walking on water

- Purchase a domain

Off topic! Today I wanted to work on my bikes, but the weather is threatening rain for now so I'm going to stay off it. I really need to do a major, major overhaul on my mountainbike since it's my primary rain commuter right now. It needs a lot of love! I've brought over another bike which I'm going to steal the deraillers from. That bike has also a nice wheelset that I'm going to put on my new touring frame, but that bike is a much larger project and has to wait until I've got my mtb revamped. So the bottom line is I might end up spending more time working on lui than I had originally planned.


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