Furniture, houses,

Bit by bit I'm realizing that it doesn't matter that much how much of my lists get done, so much as it matters that I make them and stick to them. But it's useful to review previous lists so I can get an idea of what I might need for today's.

Right now, the scenery is definitely the strong point, so I'm going to focus more on houses, in particular the stuff that might be inside of houses and different house styles. I'll think of ways to decorate them as I go along.

The system for actually designing and laying out houses, which I developed some months ago, is proving to be really awesome. It's fun to lay out houses with multiple floors, very cool to explore them. It's sort of like Ultima 7 in that it's 3D-on-2D, but much much smoother feel to it. Much less awkward to explore them.

On a side note, is really ticking me off. They have rejected the VtV beta client about a gazillion times now, I'm almost ready to give up. I'm not sure what their problem is, basically they are saying the demo is somehow "inadequate" (???). So I really have no idea.

Today's list:

- Another house style, with wooden beams and plaster walls

- Lay out more houses in Happy Town

- Furniture: A bed

- A chair

- A dresser

- Deal with walking on water issues


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