The GL_NEAREST_MIPMAP_NEAREST code in fact works more or less as expected; my guess as to what was going on with performance (too many texture hits) was correct. However, I am going to have to generate the mipmaps manually since by default they use linear interpolation, and this gives me black edges around the alpha mapped textures; I want nearest interpolation.

So my plan for today:

- Deal with mipmap generation

- Make so you can't walk on water anymore

- Finish laying out the farmer's fields

- Make hay bale object

- Make wheat crop object

- Make barley crop object

- Make oats crop object

- Start laying out some houses in Happy Town

- Make graphics for a wooden house style (right now I only have brick houses)

- Make graphics for a sod house style

This probably won't all get done, but it's a good list. I can carry this over to tommorow if I don't get through it.


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