Terrain, farmland, detail

Today I'm handling misc things, outlining terrain. As things suggest themselves to me, I implement them. So far I've added some sandy beaches and outlined the rest of the terrain. Like when you sketch, you don't want to fill in all the details as you go along, so I'm just sort of outlining the terrain. A few areas are quite filled-in, but most are just blank areas. Todays plan consists basically of:

- Outline more terrain

- Finish drawin the beach areas in a little more detail (I originally did these with a non-beach texture, which is a mistake)

- Add the farm fields texture, terrain types

- Put in the farm fields

- Create a separate texture for the big bridge crossing the main river, and design this bridge

- Investigate if GL_NEAREST_MIPMAP_NEAREST would be beneficial.

The past few days I haven't gotten quite as much done as I would like, but basically it's been steady.


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