To-day! Oh, to-day! To-day I go on a nice long bike ride in this beautiful, long longed-for weather. As well I'm going to:

- Activate my BRAND NEW President's Choice MasterCard, my first ever and a $4000 limit (yipes!) They paid me to write that on my developer blog, or I wish they did.

- Buy the domain for project: lui so I can start pre-promotion of it and don't have to call it such a ridiculous name (the real name for it is truly fantastic)

- Look at the storyline and see how I can start to organize the first chapter; I'm not going to fully lay out the story for all chapters in advance, instead I have laid out the complete *setting*, and I will outline the story chapter-by-chapter.

- Do some terrain modeling, hopefully flesh out the areas where the town will go and some of the southern part of the area comprising chapter 1. The northern area is already laid out, and just needs vegetation.

- Do some profiling. A prudent amount of it; too-early optimization is never too good, but it's sometimes good to still get a handle on things. Right now I think slowdown has more to do with just pushing pixels and my little-bit-cripply onboard video (I have Geforce 6300 on board, basically, which has 6000-level effects, but in particular, very slow memory; still, it's faster than my MX200 though not by much...)

- Link this developer's blog into, reorganize the blog

HOORAY! Also, yesterday I did everything on my list. The day previous, I did most of everything on my list, except I was too optimistic about how much vegetation I could lay out in a small amount of time with little creative energy. Instead, for vegetation layout, as I mentioned yesterday, I'm doing it more with a synthesis of object creation. So I try to see what suggests itself to me in different game areas, and add both object types and actually place objects as I go along.

Viola, voila!


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