Today I'm looking at some more scenery elements, and some more editing. Last night I added reeds and just now I finished adding leaves on the ground for the oak tree. Today my goals will be:

- A menu option to navigate between screens in the editor, so you don't actually have to walk between them. This is useful because sometimes the map gets confused, somehow (I don't quite understand how this happens) and you can't get into another screen to edit it! Duh!

- Some Tulips

- Tall grass patches that you can walk through

- Lily pads

- Another type of flower

- Mushrooms

Each map has to be lovingly crafted. It's not really just so easy as "put trees and crap on it", even though that's what it amounts to. You have to think, where are things laid out architecturally to create a nice place. So it's neccesary to progress in the map development together with object development, because as scenery objects present themselves, I can think more as to what map items I want.

I'm also seeing neat ways that I will be able to hide things in behind scenery elements. Generally, the scenery design is satisfying but requires artistic energy.


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