A new ERA in life journaling

It's been a long time since I've updated this journal. Vex, now Venture the Void, has been released and I am promoting it. I stopped using this blog because I didn't need any more development planning, however that is now changing as I move into project: lui, which I'll just call Lui from now on. This was originally a gui experiment which has turned into a full-fledged, episodic game project. I'm planning (at least) five episodes at $5 each, plus an introductory episode for free. I'm going to buy a domain and start properly promoting this during development, but I need an everyday, crap dev blog to post to. I like livejournal, becuase I feel a bit "elite" for having been a member for so long, and for some reason I don't feel the need to be so high quality with it.

Anyhow, today I have a few goals:

- Remember that the longest journey begins with a single step. I just have to START.

- Make a cactus

- Make another kind of tree, like a poplar

- Do graphics for one road sign

- Place objects on two other screens

- Organize the items into a fancier menu

There ewe have it!


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