Capitalization, Warp Drive, XP, CommLink Live!

So, where things are at now, I have polished up a lot. XP are on the way out, the game will be all money-based. I had originally envisioned some kind of feedback loop gameplay, the problem is that one side of that loop (the money-based side) was much more interesting than the other side (the XP-based side). It's fun to earn money but it was sort of tedious to earn XP.

I worked on some various quality-issues, capitalization stuff, and so on. One of the bigger things (took a whole day, ugh) was taking the CommLink system and making it "live". This means, you can be talking to Konky (or looking up ship info, whatever) while you are flying around. This is basically like, more realistic but also it's nice because it means as you are flying from place to place, you have something to do in-game. Hopefully this creates a nice-ish rhythm for the game.

Today I'm going to work on the warp drive stuff, try and get some sort of nice animation, and also work on the inter-system warp so it looks better. My idea is that you should basically take off at an angle based on the way the systems are laid out in the warp chart. This should create more of a seamless feel.



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