Well, I'm on to beta 5. I haven't been journaling too much lately, but I find that it's really better if i do. Plans for today are:

1. Look at monster AI and so forth. I want in particular to give monsters a bit different type of weapon, right now I have them using the same weapons exactly as ships, I'll have to tweak this a bit. It's not a huge change. That's a start, I also need to work in more attack patterns and so forth. There is still a lot of work to be done here.

2. Look at city generation (graphics stuff). I have a good idea what needs to happen here, so it's more an issue of doing it.

Some ideas I have for monster AI include: Monsters that can activate force fields when you get close, monsters that jump up from under the ground when you get close to them, monsters that run away from you when they get weak, monsters that spawn other, weaker montsers when they die.


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