Well, I am going to release a BETA 4 very soon. In particular I have already addressed a few issues, and will continue to address issues. The biggest change is probably that the worlds are more modular now, instead of the world zip having a zillion files, it will only have a few files, this is neccesary change. I am going to put the savegame/ stuff into world as well. I also put all the .matrices files so they load from the mesh.dcache, so the data zip won't have very many files either. Simple! I also switched over to a format, db3, which I was hoping would be a bit faster/smaller but I'm not 100% sure of that anymore. They are a bit smaller but might need some more optimization to actually be faster. We shall see...

What to change? I'd like to change a few gameplay things. I think, if you are killing lots of people in a city, your probability to get caught by police will increase. If you get caught by police you are tried for terrorism. Anyhow, the idea will be there is some cooldown for each city, let's say up to 5/6 probability. So if you leave a city for say 48 hours or something, then come back, your killing countdown will be reset. Otherwise, it increases with each person you attack until it reaches 5/6. And when you attack somebody, the police may arrest you and charge you with terrorism. Or something.


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