Pirates like to:

- Have parties

- Brag a lot

- Gamble

- Gardening

- Duel to the Death or at Least to the Maimed

So I have the pirate bases; this required adding pirate factions, which was sort of annoying. Some various changes had to take place, which seem to have taken place. So now, what is there going to be at the pirate bases? Well, I guess a few things:

- A Pirate Supplies Store which sells certain unique items (lockpicks, CMX explosive)

- A "Borrowed" Shipyard which sells ships for rock bottom prices, but they have problems

- A Bathhouse (meep)

- A Gardening Store

- A Duelling Arena

- A Special Pirate Burger Joint

That's a lot... But we'll see how many of them really get in there.


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