Exuberant Bankruptcy!

Okay, so what the heck is going to happen when you actually go bankrupt? My thought before was, you lose all your ships except your starting ship. This might actually still be the best policy, but it seems too harsh. One modification which makes sense, is you can keep the ship you are piloting. Actually, I like that. First, they require that you do not have a lease outstanding on that ship, so if you haven't finished buying a ship, you'll end up with just your starting ship. But if you are in ownership of a ship, you can at least keep that. I think you should lose all your cargo assets and gems, but you will be allowed up to $1000.00 on your cash card. You can keep your other items as personal effects.

Beyond this, I need to fix so that when you are in debt, any deposits you make will go towards the debt. I think I can change this pretty easily.

What remains on my list, then, are essentially finishing up the outlaw status, finish the employment system, and rework merchants so that they will buy/sell from you appropriately. Less major things are the whole B&E scheme, in particular I should tidy up for B&E into houses (the main use for the skill) but also maybe flesh out some other situations where you can break in to a place (for instance, you can maybe sneak into an industrial site and abscond with whatever is there). Oh yes, and I need shoplifting! Hee hee... What about robbery? Just generally the whole robbery/theft/B&E stuff is probably worth tidying up and expanding a bit before the beta.


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