More of the same, I guess!

More of the same, I guess! I've just been pulling pieces together, trying to draw the game into some kind of cohesive... whole? Yes, cohesive whole. Lots of different parts, but they are coming together and interacting nicely. So I just really have to keep on that. To that end, I think what is really the biggest hole right now is the reward system. Right now things are abit of a hodgepodge, I had originally planned some kind of trading system where when you show items to NPCs they respond by offering services. Then, I reworked into a service system where NPCs can offer services. This definitely makes the most sense.

But that system unfortunately has some duplication with the reward system. I basically need services and rewards to be quite separate; so basically, an engineer will offer you a service (requiring payment, possibly some experience, and the engineer to favour you) no matter what. The key part would be getting him to like you.

But for somebody with a quest, each quest will have a given reward and this wont depend on job type; i.e., nothing to do with services at all. A simple reward would just be an item. More complex, might be set up for instance that a city was zombified and when you solve a quest of a person in the city, the city is cured. That kind of thing. But I guess I'll start with just items. The point is, the main advantage of solving a quest is the reward you get, not the favour of the person needing help. Favour is much broader, you can more work the system to improve favour whereas quests require more specific actions. Es ist klar?


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