Had a look at yesterday's goals, to see how I'm doing! Got most of it done, which is good. Although, I mostly polished off the court system, rather than the banking system. The ships move at appropriate speeds/accelerations now (or at least, they seem to) and the satellites have their own special modeller.

I really think I have learned this project how to plan something out in advance. Even if I couldn't get everything perfectly designed and planned, I can see in retrospect there was a lot I could have done at certain stages. Anyhow, it's good experience.

Today I need to look hard again at trying to pull things together some more. I guess I need to handle what goes on when you run out of money. I should work first on the battle system. This isn't a huge job, but it is a pretty important piece of gameplay. I think, wrt to the previous paragraph, it might be more than worth it even at this late stage to sit down and write out what is left to do. It's just a lot of miscellaneous tasks, trying to pull the whole shebang together into one cohesive part, and having them planned out would be very smart.


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