I Find Myself Wanting to EXPLORE the World.

Anyhow, things are going great. Satellite system is up, I need to still implement the more gameplay-ey things, and add the secondary weapon, but the hard stuff is done. Right now, it seems that the satellites are a total bitch, which is exactly right. I will be working more on story stuff (opposed to graphics stuff) today because I need to get some more things in. Mainly I will be working on the court/outlaw system. This is very neccesary system, it ties into your status with each culture. Do something bad, you get a court summons. Don't show up to court, and you get branded an outlaw. Do show up, and they may slap you with some ugly penalty. Then, I go and make doing bad things very, very appealing from a gameplay perspective. I kind of think, if you let the player get into a huge mess, well, that is fun. As long as they know they made that mess themselves and it's not the game punishing them...

So, today is court system and finishing satellites, crimelib, so forth. Maybe a bit of work on the senate system.


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